Bearing – Diff & Gearbox OD, MGB (4 sync), Rover SD1, Triumph Spitfire, Herald, GT6, TR7



Bearing –

Gearbox exit shaft, with OD, Diff

MGB 3 sync, D Type OD (annulus rear)

Triumph Spitfire OD exit shaft, & Mk3 from Comm FD22571 – 1500, Diff inner axle shaft

Triumph Herald 1200 from axle numbers GA237601 and GB57202 and all 1360 – Diff inner axle shaft

Triumph GT6 & Vitesse OD exit shaft

Triumph Vitesse, GT6 Inner Axle Shaft, Diff

TR7, Main shaft rear

Rover SD1, Main Shaft Rear (suffix A, B, C)

6205 C3

Additional information

Weight 300.00000 g
Dimensions 100.00000 × 100.00000 × 20.00000 mm