Electronic Ignition Kit, 25D4 Side-entry Neg Earth, Mini, MGA, MGB, Midget/Sprite, Morris, Austin



Electronic Ignition Kit – NEGATIVE EARTH ONLY – Lucas DM2 & 25D4 side entry cap

Thess distributors were used on a huge range of vehicles from the mid 50’s to the mid 70’s

Mini, 1959 – 1967

MGA 1955 – 1962

MGB 1962 – 1967

MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite 1958 – 1968

Morris, Austin

Wolseley, Riley A & B series engines using Lucas 25D4 distributor up to 1967

Ford & Lotus with Lucas 23/25D4 distributor

Lotus, Morgan, Vauxhall

The kit comes with –

-Electronic Ignition kit (25D4/K2)

-Powerspark Rotor (GRA101)

-High energy coil (DLB105)

-Side entry distributor cap (GDC102)

-Side entry Leads (GHT102)

Add copper core plugs set of 4


Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 300.00000 × 200.00000 × 100.00000 mm