Morris Minor Pickup, 1954 Split Screen, 948 ***SOLD***



Morris Minor Pickup, 1954 Split Screen

Has had a 948cc motor conversion from the old 803cc, with original single H2 SU carb.

Many original bits, except the interior, wheels & motor.

The paint work looks great from 5 paces, but is showing signs of deteroration, call me for full opinion. It will require suspension bushs replaced for RW, I will supply these with the vehicle, but we do not have the time to replace them.

The Pickups were not built until 1953 when they rewplaced the Morris Z Pickup & Van. The split screen lasted until 1955 when Morris went to a solid single screen front glass.

The split screen Pickups with the original styleside intact are in high demand, most have rotted away.

This pickup was owned by an upholsterer who has done a marvelous job in the cab, see photos

Additional information

Weight 1000.00000 g
Dimensions 50.00000 × 50.00000 × 50.00000 mm