Triumph TR7 Coupe, White, May 1978, 5spd



This is one of our Triumph TR7's.

It is a white 1978 model with the original 2.0L SOHC engine and 5 spd gearbox.

The TR7 was released in 1975, and produced until October 1981. They went through several facelifts over the period including a DHC (roadster), 3.5L V8 and a Twin Cam 16V Sprint (less than 100). The TR7 had coil spring rear suspension, Macpherson front struts, and an ARB front and rear. The engine was 2.0L SOHC variant of the Dolomite engine giving 105BHP, and from 1978 a 5 spd gearbox. The TR7 had a curb weight of 1000kg, along with excellent suspension set up and a lively engine and box, gave the TR7 excellent performance & handeling. The Triumph purists strugled to accept the TR7, feeling that it was too radical for a TR. The inital build quality produced from the Speke Factory (Liverpool) was dubious to say the least, which led to tag of unreliability, also added to its bad press. However when the production was moved to the Canley Factory (Coventry) the build quality was restored. The wedge design was a sign of the 70's, running alongside the Lotus Eclat & Esprit, TVR Tasman, Lamborghini Urraco, Silhouette & Contach, and the much loved Ferrari 308. The TR7 has struggled to gain acceptance for many years, but is coming into its own, with prices in the UK heading steadily upwards in the last few years.

This TR7 is a white 1978 model with the original 2.0L SOHC engine and 5 spd gearbox, built in the Canley Factory in May 1978.

We have rebuilt most aspects of this vehicle in our workshop, there is no surprises here.

The Interior has been replaced with black premium vinyl with white piping to match the car, the seat have had new foams, with seat runners and reclining mechanism cleaned and lubricated. The center arm rest was also recovered. The carpets were all taken up, so the body could get an anti rust treatment top & bottom. The carpets are clean and tidy with no rips, and have all been relayed and stuck down.

A new circuit board for the display & gauges fitted, the headlight motors overhauled, and many of its electrics sorted (clock still not working).

A new Sony sound system has just been installed, with Blaupunkt 6" coaxial speakers.

The carbs have been rebuilt, new chrome pancake air filters fitted, the fuel tank flushed, a new fuel sender fitted, and fuel pump overhauled & new kit fitted.

New electronic ignition installed, along with coil, leads and plugs.

The engine, gearbox and diff have been flushed and new oil & filter added.

The brakes have been totally rebuilt with new wheel cyls, boots & Springs etc in the rear. The calipers are rebuilt with new seals and steel pistons, complete with EBC Greenstuff pads. New brake hoses fitted front and rear, and a complete flush of all brake lines and clutch hydraulics, as well as an overhaul of brake & clutch master & slave cylinders.

New strut inserts have been fitted to the front with new springs, strut boots and insulator bushs, along with ball joints, rack boots, wheel bearings etc. The rear suspension has also been stripped, new springs, bushs and pads replaced.

We replaced the rear gearbox seal and diff pinion seal.

This is a well sorted TR7, it is about to go on club plates, and get a few decent runs.

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